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1913 Runabout Model T

1913 Runabout Model T

The 1913 Runabout is a fully electric, exact replica of the Model T.  Suitable for five adults to ride, the Runabout includes front and rear tail lamps, brake lights, turning signals and horn. Built on an expandable 48 volt system, the Runabout will travel 12-15 mph for up to 20 miles (extended distance package available). No detail was overlooked in its design with its chrome and brass components and button upholstery seats. The 1913 Runabout outclasses all other vehicles with its nostalgic look into the history of automobiles.

The 1913 Runabout is an excellent product for transportation services, rentals and self-guided tours in historical and scenic areas. Check with us for more details!

Click on the photos below for a detailed view -

Battery Powered

  • 48V motor with reverse,  separate brake pedal. battery mounting area under seats
  • 110V battery recharging system
  • Top speed approximately 18 mph
  • Electronic power steering
  • 2.75 X 18 tires on removable cast aluminum wheels
  • Hydraulic rear brakes, heavy duty rear axle, 4.5 cm steel tube frame construction
  • Coordinated ornamental accessories, front & rear lights, horn, brake lights,park brake
  • Choice of 3 standard body colors (black, white and red)
  • 240V charger available at extra charge
  • Comfortably seats 5 adults ( larger models available – Call for details)
  • Use in place of a golf cart in your neighborhoods (check local laws)

Vehicles should only be operated by qualified/licensed drivers on concrete or asphalt surfaces with a grade of no more than 6% up or down, and require a 25 foot turning radius.  We do not certify that autos will meet any local automobile safety regulations for use on public streets. All costs for regulatory approvals and ensuring that the ride meets local building and safety regulations are the customer’s responsibility.

Only $12,995.00

Call or Email about Availability and Shipping Costs

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The Bar Cycle

New Reduced Price!

The beer bike is one of the newest concepts in leisure cycling. Beer bikes are enjoyed worldwide. This beer bike accommodates up to 15 passengers and 1 driver, who controls the steering and brakes. Built on a car chassis, this cycle is a well built unit that is motivated by 10 pedalers pedaling in a very low comfortable gear. You will be amazed at how easily this beer bike is moved along the street. This unit take 8-10 weeks to ship and is offered at a very reasonable price, $16,995.00. Others on the market sell for as much as $40,000. Please call for details about ordering!

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Dimensions Height 110 inches, Width 78 inches and Length 204 inches

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 The new Racer4 is a single person, four wheel cycle with unique rack and pinion steering. The adjustable recumbent seat makes the Racer4 fun for almost everyone. The mag wheels give the Racer4 a sporty look and performance.

This new model has limited availability!

So, place your order now!

$895.00 ( plus freight)

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Sand Devil draft

Sand Devil

The Sand Devil is a new concept for a fat tire sand tricycle.  Designed with fat tires and a 2 speed kick shift, the Sand Devil borrows designs and ideas from the Slingshot and the Fat Boy.  No sidewalks in your area? No problem.  Take your Sand Devil to the beach and ride like hell.

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Coming Soon! The T-Bird Dual Recumbent Trike

DSC00114The T-BIRD is a tandem trike that will include an optional multi-speed transmission, differential rear axle, adjustable seating, and disc brake.  The T-BIRD is an addition to our ever-growing fleet of leisure cycles that offers a fun, exciting ride for your home or a profitable option to your rental fleet.

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